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Freezer: Pack your food properly

A good freezer can undoubtedly contribute to better preservation of food, extending not only its “life” but also its taste. An important role in this, however, is the proper packaging of food. Below, you will find some simple tips on how to properly pack your food in order to allow your freezer to do its job properly. Find them bellow and try to follow them one by one:

  1. Select containers, bags and airtight containers suitable for food, and -in particular- for the freezer.
  2. Freeze your food after you have divided it into portions. In that way, you will know exactly how much food you are going to warm up and better estimate the amount of food you need to defrost.
  3. Do you want to freeze burgers, meatballs, schnitzels and other similar foods? In that case, it is better freezing them first on a tray and then transfer them to a special food bag or another freezer utensil. This tactic, will prevent the food from sticking together and dissipating when you will try to defrost it.
  4. If you want, you can use disposable utensils for certain foods. Of course, we refer to those foods that – when you take them out of the freezer – you have to put them in the oven in order to warm them up or to finish the last stage of their preparation (i.e. cooking).
  5. Stick labels on the packages. You see, some foods can remain in the freezer for a long time. This means that you can’t possibly remember when you chilled them or when you should consume them. A label with the type of food that the package contains and the date you have put it in the freezer, it will help you keep everything under control.

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