Organizing Kitchen

5 tips to organize properly your kitchen

There is no better way to use your kitchen than to organize it properly. In this article we have gathered for you some useful tips and smart ideas in order to help you create the most enjoyable and functional kitchen possible. You can find them bellow:

  1. Get in the zone: What does this mean? That you can divide your kitchen into zones according to the use you make at each point. For example, around your electric cooking appliance, you can create the cooking zone and supply it all the utensils and raw materials you use when cooking. Moreover, you can also divide the utensils in groups according to their use. Next zone? The storage zone. This, of course, includes the refrigerator, and the cabinets that may be around it. What’s in there? All the products that you may not use on a daily basis.
  2. Categorize according to usage: Supply your workbench with all the things you use on a daily basis. As far as the rest of the things are concerned, you can store them in some secondary “zones” (i.e. on higher cabinets). In the same way, you can also try to organize your shelves, and also divide them thematically i.e. pasta, sauces, cans, spices, and so on.
  3. Invest in storage spaces. Until recently, the open shelves were a must. To this, you can also add the cabinets which are making a comeback (especially these covered with glass). They give you the opportunity to… expose your favorite utensils to a common view (if you want to!), but also to see everything contained in our closet without even having to open it.
  4. We say “yes” to hangers! Hangers help us to take advantage of our kitchen’s empty spots both in the walls and in the air. If you like the specific aesthetic result that comes up from this, you can just… adopt them and hang on hooks your utensils.
  5. We divide our meals: No, we are not talking about cooking things. We are talking about organizing them. How we can achieve this? By separating our cabinets and also the shelves of our refrigerator according to our meals. For example, gather all the necessary products you use for your breakfast all in one place. Do the same with fruits and vegetables, but also with snacks! Indeed, this advice will also help you organize your meals and also deal with craving in a… healthier way. You can therefore collect a variety of healthy snacks at an obvious and easily reachable spot in your kitchen.

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