How to serve wine

3 basic tips on how to serve wine

When we talk about serving wine, your mind definitely goes into glasses. And yet, in this article, we will not talk about glasses at all. Instead, we will talk about three other basic things one should have in mind in order enjoy wine in the best possible way.

The first one, has to do with the right temperature. Looking at the labels of your wines, you realize that almost all wine producers tend to inform consumers about the right temperature at which the wine they have chosen should be served. In general, we can say that dry white wines and rosé are served cold (about 10°C). Cold, however, are served the finest white wines, but sparkling wines as well, at a temperature of about 6-8οC. And from these, we move ahead to red wines. These are usually served at room temperature, unless they have a lighter and fruity character. If so, then, you can… just drop their temperature and enjoy them in their coolest version. In any case, you should never put ice in your wine , neither put it in the refrigerator.

Next step; The transfusion, also known as the “breath” that wine has to get right before you enjoy it. How that works? After opening a wine, transfer it to a jug and leave it for about 20 minutes before serving it, in order to unfold its flavors. This is a tactic that is usually followed in aged wines.

Finally, we pass on the actual serving of the wine. Each type of wine (and glass) has its own rules. When serving red wine, the quantity should be slightly below the wide area of the glass, while serving white or rosé should be slightly above the wide area. As for the sparkled wines and champagne? The ideal serving quantity is considered up to the middle of the glass.

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