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Outdoors Bbq

Outdoors Bbq

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Create the most functional and complete outdoor kitchen with Sub-Zero & Wolf, which offers you a complete range of products to equip your garden or patio. Which are these products? You can find them bellow:

Outdoor gas grill

Wolf outdoor gas grills use two types of heat, direct and radiant, to achieve the ideal temperature range and uniform heat distribution that are the keys to flawless grilling. Sculpted in double-wall stainless steel and heli-arc welded for seamless strength, the Wolf grill may be the last one you’ll ever need to buy.

Warming drawer

Superior air control ensures that dishes you finish at different times stay warm, moist and ready to serve on your schedule. In addition, you can use it in order to warm up or defrost any kind of food, even for pastries.

Outdoor refrigerator drawers

With the Sub-Zero outdoor refrigerator drawers, advanced food preservation features keep fresh food and beverages at your fingertips. These outdoor drawers, have been clad in heavy-gauge stainless steel that withstands UV rays, salt, and moisture.

Burner module

Τhe Wolf Burner Module provides you with just enough extra grill space for sauces, side dishes, heating buns or bread.

 For more information regarding Wolf’s exclusive outdoor barbecue grill and other outdoor Suz-Zero & Wolf products, please visit our showroom (78 Poseidonos Avenue).